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We are local owners with a variety of investment properties throughout Whatcom County.  All available rentals are listed in the Houses or Apartments links to the right.


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Thank you for applying for your home with LORIMER PROPERTIES. Please take a moment and review the following to see if you qualify. We accept multiple applications per property and determine who is qualified for the rental property as the first approved, most qualified application. It is your responsibility to contact us directly to verify how many applications are being processed on the property to which you are applying.

Note: Your application may be deemed ineligible if the rent and utilities of the applied rental unit exceeds 40% of your monthly gross income.

The application fee will not be refunded. Application fee is $30.00 per adult 18 years of age or older.  All applications are submitted electronically so LORIMER PROPERTIES makes no representation that your application will be the first application submitted or considered. The $30 fee provides for the following: applicant registration as a potential tenant, background check, credit check, rental reference verification, and income verification.

When you call to inquire about a specific property or submit an application we will let you know if there are any applications already on the property. For example: If you intend to apply for a property with one application already pending we will let you know that you are the second applicant and that there is one application ahead of you. If there are two applications pending we will let you know that you are the third applicant. 

We can speak to the strength of the pending applications so that you as a potential applicant can decide for yourself if you feel it is worth applying. 

If we have a strong 1st or 2nd application we will let you as a potential tenant know and discourage you from applying.

The 1st qualified application is approved. The first application received may not be the approved application. 
If your application is not the approved application on your first choice property your application will be kept on file for 90 days from the date of application. Within those 90 days you can transfer your application to other properties you become interested in. 

If you apply for a property that already has an approved applicant we will call you and let you know that the property you are interested in is no longer available. You, as the applicant will then have the choice to move forward with your application on another property or to have your application fee refunded. 

LORIMER PROPERTIES strives to be open and honest with all applicants as to the status and availability of a property for rent.

• I acquire no rights to a rental unit until I sign a Lease Agreement. 
• When I present LORIMER PROPERTIES with a holding fee/security deposit, it is non-refundable as liquidated damages in the event I do not choose to enter into the agreement. 
• Once I have been notified of my application's approval, I will have 48 hours to submit the holding fee to secure the unit. If the holding fee is not received within 48 hours LORIMER PROPERTIES can move on to the next applicant.
• I will not keep or harbor animals or pets of any kind on the premises without written consent of the Owner/Agent. 
• I agree that any misrepresentation hereafter may result in termination of any agreement entered.
• I declare the following to be true under penalty of perjury.

Employment Verification
• Please provide a copy of last year's W-2 or income tax return, 2 most recent pay stubs, or 2 months bank statements to verify your income.
• Applicant must have 1 year continuous employment.
• Rent can be no more than 40% of the gross monthly income.

Previous Rental History
• Please provide names and phone numbers of 2 most recent landlords or a total of 2 year rental history.
• Mortgage payments, made on timely basis, will qualify as a positive rental reference. 

Credit Check
• You must have established credit. 
• If you have collection activity, judgment, bankruptcy, or lien, further review will be required.

• If you have a past felony conviction, you most likely will not qualify.
• Misdemeanor convictions will be reviewed on an individual basis.

• A co-signer with good credit may assist you in qualifying if you are lacking in the credit, employment or rental history background.  Co-signers are considered on a case by case basis.